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About Us

NORTHWEST ADVANCED BIO-FUELS, LLC, a Delaware based Company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of U. S. Advanced Bio Jet Fuel, Inc. (“USA BIO”), is in the process of developing a second-generation, commercial scale, designer cellulosic renewable bio jet fuel refinery in the Pacific Northwest.

NWABF has assembled a world-class team of industry-leading companies with proven 2nd generation for both the front-end gasification and back-end Fischer-Tropsch technology being utilized for this project. NWABF is also deploying experienced world-class engineering, operations, and construction companies to design, construct, operate and maintain the “first of its kind” facility on the Columbia River Corridor to produce bio jet fuel.

The Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels logo was created by artist Linda Windell, a member of the Cherokee Nation whose work is shown in the Cherokee Museum at the Tribal Reservation Headquarters Site in Tahlequah, OK. The logo was painted by hand and had deep meaning for its company, area, and principals.

The mountain depicts  Mt. Rainier, which is synonymous with our location. The tree branch held in the Bald Eagle’s talons depicts the Feedstock from local Northwest resources. The Totem Poles guarding the Bay at the Project’s Entrance first came into existence in the Northwest, and finally, the Bald Eagle is a classic statement of Strength, Grace, and Tenacity.

This logo perfectly emblemizes the Northwest Advanced Bio Jet Fuel organization. For more information on the artist, please contact us at info@nwabf.com.