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Our Story

Making it, all make sense.

The future of our planet depends on everyone doing their share. If there are Cars, Trucks, Planes, and Automobiles using Diesel or Jet Fuel Energy made from Petroleum, there will continue to be severe carbon and air pollution. We are doing our part of jet fuel energy to improve the air until the world finds another alternative to these fuels. Whether that’s electric batteries or some other solution, it will take years to implement. We need to handle the current problems with the solutions we have, NOW, so that the air we breathe in the Future creates a safe and secure environment.


NORTHWEST ADVANCED BIO-FUELS, LLC is the culmination of 9 years of Project Development efforts by the Company’s founders and their Team.  These current and former Team members have literally reviewed every technology on the market, negotiated with over 75% of the most reputable Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firms in the market (EPC’s), and finally have come to an agreement with a World-class Industrial giant as the EPC, and then added the World’s leading Privately Owned, Operator and Maintenance Provider, (O&M), in the refinery and utility business, and therefore; is well educated on what issues will and will not create a financeable Project.  Subsequently, the firm’s founders and their Team, through diligence and an acute understanding of the industry’s issues preventing Project financing, has brought an unheard of “total solution” for creating sustainable renewable jet fuel energy to the financial marketplace and lender communities.

NORTHWEST ADVANCED BIO-FUELS, LLC can now provide Investors and Lenders who provide Project debt and equity financing a Team of World-class companies that will guarantee and wrap the entire project through its useful faceplate life (25 years).  This was unheard of until this group delivered the final written documentation, resulting from the collaboration between some of the World’s leading companies. The business model’s reality and basis are derived from the development of the substantial and confirmable Project guarantees and warranties the company’s founders and their Team developed with these World-Class companies.