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Biojet Fuel Initiative Under Development for Major Airline

David P. Smoot

The next step in the race to find renewable energy sources to power our global economy is sustainable aviation fuel, and one company has taken a big first leap toward that goal: Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC (NWABF). In a recently announced $2 million partnership with a major airline, NWABF is currently working on Phase 1 of a feasibility study to create that fuel from wood residue deposits and wood slash on forest floors known as woody biomass.

Providing Solutions for Air Lines with West Coast Operations

With the Phase 1 “Advanced Planning Study” of a bio-jet fuel production facility underway, NWABF is already planning for a Phase 2 Front-end Engineering and Design Study that will allow the Project’s world-class Engineering and Construction Partner to design and construct the renewable jet fuel facility in Washington State. First deliveries are planned for the end of 2023 for use of the renewable jet fuel in this airline’s operations up and down the West Coast.

This single project will help with the goal of reducing this airline’s carbon footprint and positively impact the environment by reducing wood residuals in forests that cause fire hazards and prevent the growth of future trees.

A Growing Trend

Airlines today are interested in sustainable aviation fuels.  Beginning in 2021, airlines will be required to track their carbon footprints on international flights in advance of meeting certain obligations of a global mandate. Failure to achieve reductions in airline carbon emissions through the use of renewable fuels may result in fines and penalties from a multitude of countries.

Dave Smoot, Head of Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC said, “All of the woody biomass we utilize in our operations will be traceable, creating the pathways of a qualified renewal feedstock.  With qualified feedstock, supported by a recently completed $40 million 5-year study from NARA (Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance), the Project can meet the Federal Government’s sustainable aviation fuel standards and ASTM’s International fuel standards.  This will enable airlines flying internationally to meet new carbon reduction standards worldwide.”

The need for renewable fuel sources for airlines certainly won’t be resolved in the near future, but a project like Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels LLC is developing will certainly go a long way to meet that need for the airline industry now and well into the future.

To learn more about Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC visit https://nwabiofuels.com/


David P. Smoot

David Smoot has an extensive background in Project Development, including the Financing and Technology Integration for those Projects. Mr. Smoot also held positions of upper management with leading companies in the Computer Software and Hardware industries, including the Financing and Leasing industries specifically related to those industries prior to moving into the renewable energy industry which morphed into renewable fuels. Smoot has created a turnkey solution model not yet seen in the industry.

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