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Category: Biofuels

Biofuels are liquid fuels that were converted directly from biomass. Renewable designer biofuels made from woody biomass provide environmental, economic, and strategic benefits and are considered a safe, clean liquid-fuel alternative to fossil fuels.

– Feedstock definitions for RIN classification of BioFuel Drives Sourcing Initiatives

– NWABF’s Strategic Philosophy Leverages National Partners for Feedstock Supply

– Second Generation and Proven Biomass to Liquid, (BTL) Technology is used to – Convert Woody Biomass into a Renewable Designer Aviation BioFuel

– Biomass to Liquid (BTL) Process: Gasification to syngas & catalytic transformation to diesel/jet biofuel

– Federal and State Mandates Support the use of Renewable Designer Biofuels

Around The World of SAF and Biofuels

Around the World of SAF and BioFuels

The market for sustainable aviation fuel is still young and growing, but is gaining momentum by the day, with new projects, new funding, and new partnerships moving it forward. Here are a few recent news stories that are glowing proof of the growth of renewable biofuels and sustainable aviation fuels.  U.S. Department of Energy Announces ...
biofuels company NWABF sustainable aviation fuel

USDA Makes Rule Changes to Bio-Based Products Loan Program

Legislative news out of Washington, DC earlier this month may boost interest and investment opportunities in biomass fuels and their representative companies.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) published final rules for Biorefinery, Renewable Chemical, and Biobased Product Manufacturing Assistance Program (9003 Program). These rules now allow potential investors to submit applications to develop renewable ...

Biojet Fuel Initiative Under Development for Major Airline

The next step in the race to find renewable energy sources to power our global economy is sustainable aviation fuel, and one company has taken a big first leap toward that goal: Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC (NWABF). In a recently announced $2 million partnership with a major airline, NWABF is currently working on Phase 1 ...
Grays Harbor Project Renewable Fuels

Background and History of David Smoot and Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels

Dave Smoot started in the alternative energy arena 11 years ago with the development of wind and solar projects in southern California.  At this time, Dave’s focus was on alternative energy to generate electricity.  Dave received an exclusive to represent a unique and revolutionary Vertical Axis Wind Turbine from the Korean conglomerate, Daewoo. This was ...

Delta Air Lines to invest $2 million in aviation biofuel feasibility study

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Delta Air Lines is investing $2 million to partner with Northwest Advanced Bio-fuels, LLC for the feasibility study of a biofuel production facility to produce sustainable aviation fuel and other biofuel products. The sustainable aviation fuel, expected to be produced in a facility in Washington State, could be ...

What is Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC?

NWABF is a renewable energy development company providing sustainable, cellulosic, commercial scale, ASTM compliant designer jet fuel in Washington State, using a voluminous supply of woody bio-mass from local feedstock suppliers. NWABF brought together a World-Class Team of engineering and technology companies that utilize established, currently in-use 2nd generation technology. NWABF’s solution is clean, renewable ...