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Category: Carbon Emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, and the emissions of other greenhouse gases GHGs, are associated with the burning of fossil fuels, like natural gas, crude oil, and coal. While this is harmful to the environment, carbon offsets can be purchased in an attempt to make up for these harmful effects.

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Great news was just announced for the clean-air and biofuels industry in the state of Washington. After years of discussion and earlier attempts for passage in the State House, HB Bill 1091, (“Bill”), was finally passed by the Washington State Senate in early April. The Bill had been passed by the state’s House of Representatives ...

Helping Delta Air Lines Reduce Carbon Emissions

Today, Delta Air Lines announced more details about its ambitious carbon neutrality plan, including its plans to use sustainable aviation fuel in the future.  Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC, (NWABF) is Delta’s long-term SAF Fuel provider, and we are thrilled to be a part of the airline’s efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions on the way ...
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When a Carbon Neutral Pledge Makes The Most Difference

Microsoft, Amazon, Ikea, BP – what do these big brands all have in common? They’ve made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Wonder how brands like these are going to make it work? There are actually two ways, and one is far more impactful than the other.  Different Methodologies Many companies these ...
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Growth in Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Commercial Aviation

In 1960, 100 million people traveled by air. In 2017, 4 Billion people traveled by air across the world. While the collective use of automobiles, production of electricity, and the industrial and agricultural sectors each exceed the climate change impact of commercial aviation, passenger airline travel has the highest and fastest growth in the production ...