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Category: Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel is an advanced aviation biofuel for jet aircraft that is certified as sustainable by independent third-parties, as mandated by global standards body ASTM International. The demand is now a real entity within itself because of the requirements that are moving forward for airlines to be using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Using forest biomass for creating sustainable aviation fuel is one of the most promising developments in sustainable aviation fuel space. By 2026, the aviation industry needs to have a percentage of their fuel available or being consumed through this sustainable measure. NWABF is leading the efforts to transform the aviation industry by providing a sustainable aviation fuel solution to meet the growing demand and needs in the renewable biofuels market.

The Promise of Sustainable Aviation Fuel 4

The Promise of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Last week, the Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) at The U.S. Department of Energy held a webinar titled, “Sustainable Aviation Fuel Strategies at the Bioenergy Technologies Office.” The webinar provided an up-to-date overview of the promise and potential for sustainable aviation fuel, now and in the years ahead.  Dr. Valerie Sarisky-Reed, acting director of BETO, and ...
SAF News Round Up - July/August 2021

SAF News Round Up – July/August 2021

We hope you’re enjoying this time of summer. There is a lot happening behind the scenes in the sustainable aviation fuel business, and we’re right in it. We hope to share some substantial news with you soon!  There is other work around SAF that’s going on behind the scenes that is showing fruit. We’re starting ...
SAF Conferences 2021 in Full Swing

SAF Conferences 2021 in Full Swing

It’s been a long season of virtual computer-based webinars and conferences for the SAF industry, and likely for every other industry as well. I think it’s fair to say that people are ready to get together at industry conferences, meet, talk, laugh, make deals, and more. That’s why the team here at Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels ...

What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel?

Over the recent holidays, I found myself having to explain “What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel, (SAF)?” to friends and relatives who didn’t know much about it. Because of this, I thought there might be others who want to know more about SAF. It is a critically important concept that more people need to know about.  ...
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Technical Pathways for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

The Department of Energy released a recent report titled “Sustainable Aviation Fuel – Review of Technical Pathways”.  This comprehensive report on the sustainable aviation fuel (“SAF”) industry covers a wide range of technical pathways for how to produce low-cost, clean-burning jet fuel. It’s an important documentation of the state of SAF as we see it ...

Benefits of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a revolutionary fuel that is already helping to power the world’s airlines, and Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC is leading the charge to help grow further production of sustainable aviation fuel for the global aviation industry. Investment is steadily increasing in SAF production companies, including Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels. This increased investment ...
Sustainable Aviation Fuel NWABF

Sustainable Aviation Fuel – Full Steam Ahead

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is the future for powering airline jets around the world.  In the coming years, this clean fuel substitute is expected to become the main fuel source for commercial aircraft and business jets.  High demand for sustainable aviation fuel production exists for airlines to meet their carbon emission goals in the future. ...
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The Path Toward Creating Sustainable Aviation Fuel That Could Change Everything

The largest cost and environmental concern in the aviation industry is fuel. It is this reason that global legislation will require airlines around the world to begin to rely more on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to help reduce carbon emission or potentially face huge monetary penalties. This currently presents some real concerns within the airline ...