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Our Solution

NWABF offers clean, renewable, and green commercially viable projects producing Sustainable Aviation and Biofuel that meet the increased demand and quality required for the aviation and biofuel industry over the next 20 years.

The Pacific Northwest, Columbia River Corridor, will become a significant area for the aviation and biofuel industry:

  • by embracing a project focused on the benefits to the multi-municipality economic opportunities,
  • identifying the long-term upside to local woody biomass feedstock supply sources,
  • being able to meet increasing governmental mandates and regulations regarding sustainable aviation and biofuel,
  • building a positive political climate for a cleaner environment,
  • and positively accepted and acknowledged by the people of the Pacific Northwest.


Sustainable aviation and biofuel is positioned to be the leading renewable energy source to power commercial aviation globally. Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC (NWABF) recently announced a $2 million partnership with Delta Air Lines to complete a feasibility study to create sustainable aviation fuel from wood residue deposits and wood slash on forest floors (woody biomass).

In more recent news, Delta has entered into one of the largest airline offtake agreements of its kind to purchase sustainable aviation and biofuel from NWABF.


“We are very excited to deepen our work with Delta Air Lines and both of our world-class teams to improve sustainability. Our fuel project and agreement will bolster Delta as a key leader in the renewable sustainable aviation fuel industry.”

Dave Smoot, Head of Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels