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Whole Process Sustainability is the pathway for developers such as NWABF to participate in the reforestation cycle while harvesting slash, tree chunks, precommercial thinning and additional byproducts such as bark and sawdust from local mills.

This government-mandated traceability process following the ‘Cradle to Grave’ cycle to access wood is part of the process used to create alcohol to jet fuel.  During the collection process, we must prove that forest sustainability practices are in effect with the companies and entities we are working with.  If reforestation practices cannot be proven by any developer they will not receive available credits.

To produce the volumes of feedstock required to make SAF (Sustainable Alcohol To Jet Fuel) NWABF is working with Tribal Landowners, Private Forest Owners, Forest Management Groups and the Department of Natural Resources to manage, maintain and logistically source and deliver feedstock necessary to participate and secure credits while being in full compliance in the sustainability of our precious forest resources.

From all our NWABF suppliers forest wood is traceable from the time the tree was planted to the time it enters our gasification technology process to become sustainable alcohol to jet fuel.