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What is Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC?

David P. Smoot

NWABF is a renewable energy development company providing sustainable, cellulosic, commercial scale, ASTM compliant designer jet fuel in Washington State, using a voluminous supply of woody bio-mass from local feedstock suppliers. NWABF brought together a World-Class Team of engineering and technology companies that utilize established, currently in-use 2nd generation technology.

NWABF’s solution is clean, renewable green commercially viable projects producing Sustainable Aviation Fuels that meet increased demand and quality required for the aviation industry over the next 20 years.

Currently, less than 3% of the world’s transport fuels come from biofuels which is millions of gallons lower and anticipated and mandated by the US government. Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels LLC (NWABF) is on track to change that percentage and increase the number of transport biofuels.

David Smoot has an extensive business background covering almost 45 years. After serving in the US Army Reserves, he spent 20+ years in computer hardware and software industry. Smoot then retired to Arizona. After 1 year in retirement, Smoot started a real estate infrastructure development company. He then turned his sights to renewable energy which morphed into renewable designer fuels. He started Hawaii Renewable Fuels, LLC in 2014 and U.S. Advanced Bio-Fuels, Inc. in 2016-17.

Smoot has created a model not seen in this industry to date: a turnkey solution to developing Bio-mass-to-Fuel that is 100% guaranteed with world-class partners, second-generation and proven technologies, fixed “cradle to grave” feedstock, operating and sale of fuel costs, operated by a world-class O&M, all under the umbrella of world-class EPC Wrap.

If you have interest to discuss the merits of our Project, please contact us at info@nwabf.com.


What is Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC from Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC.

David P. Smoot

David Smoot has an extensive background in Project Development, including the Financing and Technology Integration for those Projects. Mr. Smoot also held positions of upper management with leading companies in the Computer Software and Hardware industries, including the Financing and Leasing industries specifically related to those industries prior to moving into the renewable energy industry which morphed into renewable fuels. Smoot has created a turnkey solution model not yet seen in the industry.

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